Self adhesive foil Colorography


Colorography – self-adhesive foil for hair coloring.

Self-adhesive Colorography Foil is new on the market. The properties of the Foil allow you to get a wide spectrum of effects, such as: sombre, ombre, flash, pixel or imitating natural solar reflections, thanks to the unique technique of separating hair for coloring.

To achieve unique coloring effects, you only need to use three Colorography Foils, e.g. in the fringe zone Thanks to Colorography you will introduce a new type and quality of services that your customers will love.

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Benefits to the hair dresser:

  • Unlimited possibilities of creating colour combinations.
  • Unique, multi-dimensional reflections, unreachable by using traditional techniques.
  • Horizontal application – from the temple to the occiput – quick application of colour on a large area of hair together with harmonious final effect.
  • Application at the base of the hair, without contact with the skin – suitable for people prone to allergies.
  • Sophisticated final effect, even for less experienced hairdressers.
  • Streamlining the technical work while precise application, creating colour transitions.
  • Through the transparency of the foils the coloring process is easy to control.
  • Professional and modern image of hairdresser and salon through Colorography product.


Lefed Colorography is incredibly easy to use so you can make sombre, ombre color schemes easier and more efficient


Instrukcja użycia samoprzylepnej, przezroczystej folii do koloryzacji marki Lefed

  1. Isolate and comb the hair you wat to color. Stick the foil from the bottom of the strand of hair. The strands should not be thicker than 1 cm. Adjust the thickness of the strand to the hair type and desired colouring outcome.
  2. Separate some of the hair from the glued strand. You can do it with your fingers or a skewer. The more hair will remain on the foil, the more noticeable the colouring effect.
  3. Dye the rest of the hair using any professional hair dye product. Carefully apply the hair dye on the strand. Follow the instructions that come with the hair dye products. Cover whole adhesive surface with coloring product.
  4. Fold the foil. You can also cover the strand with the piece to which the foil was originally sticked. Carefully wash the hair after hair coloring process. Foils are removed while washing.

Professional product, only for use in hairdressing salons. The product is not a toy! Keep out of the reach of children. The material from which Colorography foil is manufactured meets the requirements of UNI-EN 71/3 on the safety of toys. The product is suitable for unprotected food contact in accordance with BGVV XIV (Germany) and FDA 175.105 (USA). This product complies with the requirements for heavy metals in accordance with Directive 94/62 / CE.


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